Unicaja optimizes consumption of its technology platform with Orizon

La entidad financiera prorroga de esta forma el acuerdo con la empresa tecnológica, tras el inicio de su colaboración en 2022

24 APR 2024

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Unicaja has started, together with Orizon, a project to optimize the consumption derived from the treatment of the different business processes on its mainframe technology platform.


The bank began its collaboration with Orizon in 2022, with the aim of reducing the processing capacity of its central systems, which has resulted in cost savings and improved service level compliance.


With this new platform optimization project, Unicaja, byusing Orizon's technology, can detect any change in the behavior of its applications, from the point of view of the impact on the performance of the systems using KPIs (key performance indicators). It also has visibility and traceability of its operations from the user to the different business units.


Unicaja's Technology Department points out that, “after our recent technological integration, we continue to work so that all our systems and applications offer a high level of performance and thus respond quickly to customer demands and business requirements". "The collaboration with Orizon helps ensure maximum technology performance and positions us as a leader in the adoption of best practices," they said.


Unicaja has extended its agreement with Orizon until the end of 2024 in order to continue to achieve the performance and, consequently, cost targets set by the bank for this period of time. In addition, the financial institution wants to deepen the extension of a performance culture within the organization after the implementation of an IT Performance Operations Center (POC) based on Orizon's own methodology and technology, called BOA.



BOA, POC work platform


BOA, the technology developed by Orizon and the basis of its POC, works through five phases: data intake from the entity's infrastructures, elaboration of a census of processes and periodic detections, data analysis and detection of opportunities for improvement, follow-up of software developments and verification of the contribution of the proposed recommendations to the fulfillment of the established objectives.


According to Angel Pineda, CEO of Orizon, "we are very proud to have the confidence of Unicaja and to contribute with our unique methodology and technology to ensure their competitiveness". "The opportunities opened up by the adoption of a continuous performance improvement standard in a complex and highly changing technological environment are huge and this new project demonstrates how, based on a performance culture and through the use of best practices, it is possible to reduce infrastructure costs and simultaneously improve the efficiency, availability and response time of applications", he remarked.



About Orizon


Orizon offers technology performance solutions that add value to Ibex 35 companies and large leading companies in their sectors, identifying and solving software problems to ensure maximum levels of availability, performance and efficiency. The impact of cost savings and increased speed of applications is relevant for the entities it works with, becoming a key ally of the management team. A pioneer in the use of AI applied to business improvement in IT production environments (AIOps), Orizon can monitor, detect and resolve inefficiencies in 100% of the technology elements. Its R&D&i and technology, unique in the market, is recognized by Spanish official institutions and by the European Commission.



About Unicaja


Unicaja is one of the main banks in the Spanish financial system. It is a listed entity, part of the selective Ibex 35 index and a benchmark in six autonomous communities (Andalusia, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León and Extremadura), with a proven track record of solvency and financial soundness.


It is characterized by its universal banking model and sustainable business model focused on retail business, under a prudent management of its commercial strategy and risk profile, socially responsible, which places quality, innovation and digital transformation as a priority, and incorporates technology to improve customer service and the efficiency of the institution.  

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