Environmental and Climate Change Policy

The "Environmental and Climate Change Policy of the Unicaja Banco Group" was approved by the Board of Directors on 30th July 2019, as part of the Group CSR Policy.


Unicaja Banco undertakes to develop and promote activities that are respectful to the environment pursuant to the United Nations Declaration on that matter. The Bank is aware of the importance of preserving the environment and aims to encourage initiatives and actions aimed at its protection and conservation.


All those at any level of responsibility who are involved in management of the Bank participate in contributing to such sustainability, through the firm commitment to prevent pollution, to conserve the environment and preserve biodiversity, promoting energy efficiency and adequate management of climate change.


The Unicaja Banco Group thus establishes certain basic principles of action in environmental matters and to identify and manage the risks associated with climate change, in keeping with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically number 13, that aims to adopt urgent measures to combat climate change and its effects.


To that end, although the actual nature of the activity generates a minimum environmental impact, the Group has defined the following specific principles, by which it specifies its commitment to the environment and to deal with climate change.


Access the Environmental and Climate Change Policy

Environmental Management System

Unicaja Banco has an Environmental Management System implemented and certified according to the ISO 14001 international standard. This demonstrates the sensitivity and respect of Unicaja Banco towards the environment, as well as the long-term commitment acquired by the entity, in relation to the reduction of its environmental impact and the contribution to sustainable development.

The Environmental Management System is applicable to all the activities, products and services of Unicaja Banco that interact or might interact with the environment in the seven centres comprising the area of application, namely the central headquarters at Avda. de Andalucía, the head office at “edificio Eurocom”, and the ground and first floors of Acera de la Marina, all of which are in the city of Málaga; the Data Processing Centre (CPD) in Ronda; the Logistics Centre of Humilladero; the operational headquarters of Cádiz, the operational headquarters of Antequera, and the operational headquarters of Jaén. The 2017-2010 Environmental Management Plan envisages extending the scope of the environmental management certificate to cover 9 buildings.


DNV GL Environmental Management Certificate



Provision of corporate services: Central service units and centralised business units. The provision of banking services, including loan transactions, credit facilities and guarantees, bill portfolios, deposits at sight in savings booklets and current accounts, pension schemes, insurance, securities, international operations, means of payment and electronic banking.


Unicaja Banco has renewed and adapted its certificate to the new UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 standard for the Environmental Management System, published in 2015. The renewal and adaptation, performed by DNV GL, declares the implementation of an environmental management system at the bank, that seeks a balance between the environment, the company and the economy, as well as the commitment to protect the environment, including pollution prevention, complying with the legal requisites and contribution to sustainable development.


Our Environmental Management System, certified up to 2021, is applicable to all the activities, products and services of Unicaja Banco (including maintenance operations and equipment servicing) that interact or might interact with the environment in the centres within the scope of application.

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