The President of Junta de Castilla y León visits Unicaja Banco’s stand at Salamaq’22

Unicaja Banco remains the main bank in the farming, livestock breeding and agri-food sector in Salamanca, where it is the leader in the direct payment of CAP subsidies

02 SEP 2022

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The President of Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has visited Unicaja Banco’s stand at the trade fair Salamaq’22, inaugurated this morning in Salamanca. Mañueco was accompanied by several authorities, including the president of the Provincial Council, Javier Iglesias, responsible for the organization of this event. They were received by Manuel Rubio, Unicaja Banco’s Head of Commercial Banking in South Castilla y León.


The stand in the Central Pavilion of the trade center has a surface of 60 sqm. Experts from the bank will give tailored advice to the visitors, explaining the wide range of financial products and services especially designed for growers and livestock breeders, and listening to the real needs and concerns of the sector.


The bank maintains its support to Salamanca agricultural entrepreneurs, as agents contributing to reinforce the economic fabric, to the stabilization of population and to the social development of rural areas. Therefore, Unicaja Banco maintains its commitment to Salamaq’22, to which it has been linked since its first edition. The bank supports this initiative, one of the most relevant in its area at a national and European level.


Among the latest new developments presented by Unicaja Banco at Salamaq’22, agricultural insurance and damage insurance available to growers and livestock breeders must be mentioned. These insurances are aimed at protecting and ensuring the production and agricultural and livestock holdings. The bank, under the agreement it holds with Caser, offers its customers and those interested, the Combined Agricultural Insurance (Agroseguro) and the Agrocaser Insurance for Agricultural and Livestock Holdings.


The Combined Agricultural Insurance offers all the coverage and benefits that an agricultural holding (crop, livestock or acquaculture) may need and customers can choose the degree of protection they need. As this is insurance with state subsidy, customers benefit from a direct discount in their policy and payment is adapted to their needs.


The Agrocaser Insurance for Agricultural and Livestock Holdings offers extensive coverage to secure the protection of holdings and production, such as: fire; theft; third-party liability arising from animals; holding's loss of profits; breakdown of machinery; damages and theft of field assets; death caused by certain accidental risks (fire, animal attack or wild dogs, drowning, etc.); cattle theft and other optional coverage. The insurance also includes the possibility of covering the insured party's home on the holding.


Those visiting Unicaja Banco stand ad Salamaq’22 will also receive information on offers for financing works to renew their farms, to facilitate the generational replacement, acquire vehicles or machinery or get liquidity for everyday payments. In addition to those instruments, the bank offers pre-granted loans, alternatives for exceptional situations, or pension plans, mortgage loans and a wide range of insurance.


MAPA-SAECA financing facility


Unicaja Banco has joined the MAPA-SAECA 2022 Liquidity facility, promoted by the Official Credit Institute (ICO) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. This line provides financing through loans at no guarantee cost for up to 100,000 euros, to be repaid within six years, with the possibility of one year of interest-only repayments.


This line also includes the possibility for customers to get a subsidy of up to 10% of the loan limit, which will be applied to its repayment. It also waives the cost of the guarantee.


Unicaja Banco’s market share in the number of applications for guarantees in Salamanca province exceeds so far 90%, and 60% and at regional level.


Leaders one more year in the CAP campaign in Salamanca and the region


Unicaja Banco leads one more year the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) campaign in Salamanca, with 2,875 dossiers managed of the 8,654 submitted in the province, i.e. 33% of the applications. At a regional level, 13,196 dossiers were processed by the bank, of the 67,708 registered with the Junta de Castilla y León, that is, 19.5% of the total of applications was managed by Unicaja Banco. Those figures reflect farmers’ support to Unicaja Banco, the leading bank in Castilla y León.


In this current campaign, Unicaja Banco offers again the possibility of receiving the advance payment of subsidies with loans, as well as the customized processing and management of application dossiers. More specifically, the bank has set a line of pre-granted loans for 325 million euros, available until the end of October, for customers in those regions where Unicaja Banco is a leading bank.


At the same time, the bank has set a credit line of 580 million euros in pre-granted loans for intensive crops. This amount will cover the financing needs both for the agricultural campaign and for investments to be made by farmers. The application period will end in April 2022.

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Comunicado de Unicaja Banco

Comunicado de Unicaja Banco

El Consejo de Administración de Unicaja Banco, S.A., en un marco de plena y leal colaboración, ha acordado por unanimidad el cese en el cargo de Consejero Delegado de D. Manuel Menéndez Menéndez, con efectos cuando sea efectivo el nombramiento como consejero de quien se designe para sucederle en dicho cargo 01 JUN. 2023
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