Unicaja Banco will undertake this weekend the technological and operational integration after the merger with Liberbank

This is a milestone that completes the process of merger between Unicaja Banco and Liberbank

16 MAY 2022

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Unicaja Banco will carry out the technological and operational integration of Liberbank into Unicaja Banco over the coming weekend. The process is scheduled to begin at 15:00 on Friday 20 May and is expected to end on Monday 23 May.


 These works will allow the full integration from the technological, commercial and operational point of view, resulting in a unified technological platform that is more powerful, efficient, with increased capabilities and security and quality standards in all Unicaja Banco’s service centers and channels.


Once the integration of the systems is completed, the bank will operate fully as a single bank under a single distribution platform, which will allow the unification of systems to access a homogeneous and reinforced catalogue of products and services, as well as to the service and functionalities of all distribution channels, such as branches, ATMs, digital banking (web and mobile app) or telephone banking, among others.


The integration will be carried out with maximum security, protecting the data and positions of Liberbank customers. One of its main objectives is to avoid any impact on customers, who will not have to make any special arrangements to adapt their products to the new platform.


Once the technological integration is completed, Liberbank’s digital banking will be automatically redirected to Unicaja Banco’s website (www.unicajabanco.es). Furthermore, customers from Liberbank will be able to access it or download the Unicaja Banco digital banking mobile app, using the same access codes they had until now.


This process will not affect customers from Unicaja Banco.


Information provided to customers


Customers from Liberbank have the necessary information about the process, previously provided by Unicaja Banco, through the usual channels and supplemented by mechanisms such as answers to frequently asked questions about temporary operational suspensions of some functionalities and services, which will be restored as soon as possible. These suspensions will not affect Unicaja Banco customers, who will be able to continue operating normally. Nor will they affect customers of other banks operating at any Unicaja Banco ATM.


The main operations that could be affected by these temporary interruptions to Liberbank customers over the weekend are as follows:


  • Liberbank’s digital banking (web and app) will cease to be operational from 15:00 this Friday. Once the integration is completed, it will be possible to operate again, now in the online channels of Unicaja Banco, through the web www.unicajabanco.esor by downloading Unicaja Banco’s digital banking mobile app, using the same access codes as before.


  • Bizum and immediate transfers will no longer be available on Liberbank’s digital banking from Thursday 19, at 15:00. These services will be able to be used normally again on Unicaja Banco’s digital banking after the technological integration is completed.


  •  As for ATMs, Liberbank customers will continue to be able to withdraw cash normally, but the updated balances and movements will not be shown in the account until the integration is completed.


  • The same will happen with cards. Customers will be able to withdraw cash and make payments in stores, but balances will not be updated until the integration is completed. The integration will not require a change in Liberbank cards or in their numbering or PIN. They can continue to be used until their expiry date, being automatically renewed with the Unicaja Banco image.


  • The products subscribed with Liberbank will automatically change their assigned numbering, without the customer having to take any additional action, including direct debits, which will continue to work as before.
  • In the case of payment of pensions to Liberbank customers, the amount will continue to be paid in advance, as it was made, free of charge up to three working days before the official payment by the Social Security. Although the customer will not see the pension payment in the account until the last working day of the month, he/she will be able to make free cash withdrawals at ATMs and branches, card payments, charge loan installments and transfers, as well as pay direct debit bills up to the total amount of the pension.


A more powerful and efficient unified platform


This technological and operational integration process is a natural milestone that culminates the merger process of Unicaja Banco and Liberbank, which took place on 30 July, and which generates synergies and creates value for customers and shareholders. It also provides the bank with a more powerful and efficient unified platform, with best practices and reinforced security standards, thus strengthening its commercial and digital transformation strategy.


Unicaja Banco is a leading entity in six Autonomous Communities, where it maintains its values of proximity and commitment to the region under a model of proximity banking and sustainable business, with more than 1,200 branches, more than 2,600 ATMs, and more than 4 million customers. In fact, it is present in 80% of the national territory, maintaining its status as a leading entity in Andalusia, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León and Extremadura, in addition to being present in other markets such as Madrid, Ceuta and Melilla, where it maintains a traditional presence.


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