Unicaja Banco and Salamanca City Hall collaborate to save time to taxpayers, allowing payments to OAGER to be made via Bizum, the immediate transfer service

Under the agreement, taxpayers will be able to pay their bills to the Organismo Autónomo de Gestión y Recaudación Económica in an immediate manner

16 MAR 2022

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Salamanca City Council and Unicaja Banco have signed an agreement to allow taxpayers to pay taxes and local licences, as well as debts and executive seizures (embargos ejecutivos), using the immediate transfer service ‘Bizum’. With this new channel, taxpayers will be aple to make payments immediately, at any moment, with no waiting time and without the need to travel to banks, use a credit card or insert their bank account details.


The agreement has been signed this morning by the Mayor of Salamanca, Carlos García Carbayo, accompanied by the Third Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Taxes, Fernando Rodríguez, and by Unicaja Banco’s Division Manager for Commercial Banking in Southern Castilla y León, Manuel Rubio, and by the Regional Manager in Salamanca, Alberto Gurrionero.


This tool joins the existing possibility of making card payment for all the local debts, in the voluntary period, through the OAGER website, or in person at the offices of this body, at the local premises of CMI ‘El Charco’ and Communal Centre ‘Victoria Adrados’, and at the branches of Unicaja Banco. Payments can also be made at ATMs, as part of the measures incorporated to facilitate transactions.


Under the agreement, Unicaja Banco will provide the City Hall with the installation and configuration required to accept the transfers made by taxpayers using Bizum. Taxpayers will have to be registered in the said tool, which will allow the completion of electronic payments immediately and remotely by TPVV, introducing only the mobile phone number and the required security credentials to complete the transaction.


Salamanca City Hall is improving the services provided by Organismo Autónomo de Gestión Económica y Recaudación to facilitate tax management to taxpayers, who can now complete their payments from any electronic device, and in a secure, quick and efficient manner, which enables to see at any time the data introduced and check if the process has been correctly made.


For any query that may arise during the transaction, taxpayers will have at their disposal a help guide in the form of messages, allowing users to solve any problem that may arise. Once the process has been completed, taxpayers will receive an e-mail with the result. Additionally, a chatbot has been included to solve doubts in real-time, in the form of a written consultation.


Transactions that can be made online


Taxpayers can carry out the guided validation of the data entered, the detailed indication of the documents to be attached and the display of the document with the final result of the request.


They can also find in a quick and agile manner the properties to include in their applications, in the case of plusvalía and property tax (IBI), vehicles, in the case of Vehicle Tax (Impuesto de Vehículos), or an automatic calculation of the bank details (IBAN) and an optimized calculation of the amounts included in the case of deferral and split of debts or returns.


Additionally, taxpayers may request an appointment using this channel, as well as over the phone, to be attended in person at the currently available service points.


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