Unicaja Banco launches a new campaign of pension plans with bonus of up to 4% for external transfers

Unicaja Banco has launched a new pension plan campaign, which features, among other elements, a bonus of up to 4% for the amounts transferred from other financial institutions and incentives to extraordinary contributions.

30 OCT 2018

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The bank offers a full range of pension plans adapted to any risk profile, with average yields per category higher than the average of the market and the main banks.


Unicaja Banco’s plans, which allow every customer profile to meet their retirement needs, are recommended with the highest rating by independent analysts.



Unicaja Banco, in response to the traditional end-of-year increase in the demand of pension plans, has launched a new campaign for this kind of financial products. Among its main features, it includes a bonus on the amounts transferred from other institutions, with payments in cash which may reach up to 4% of the transferred amount.


In particular, this new campaign of Unicaja Banco does not offer only cash bonuses for external transfer, but also incentives in the case of extraordinary contributions, average returns per category higher than the market and main banks average, and flexibility to make contributions, both regular (monthly, quarterly, twice a year or yearly) or extraordinary.


Unicaja Banco has a wide range of pension plans to cover any risk profile, what gives more options to enjoy retirement. This range includes plans where the investment portfolio is made up totally by fixed income assets or plans composed by a large percentage of international variable income for those who intend to diversify their savings.


In general, the strategy followed by the bank has provided clients with satisfactory results in all its plans, while maintaining low levels of volatility and getting, at the same time, positive returns which can be favourably compared to the market average or to that of the main competitors. This fact gives Unicaja Banco a privileged situation in market positioning.


Concerned by the future of its clients, Unicaja Banco manages its customer funds with a long-term view based on stability. In fact, Unicorp Vida and Caja España Vida pension plans, commercialized by the bank, are recommended by independent analysts, such as Morningstar, which gives them its maximum rating.


Other of the reasons given by the bank to promote the subscription of its pension plans are the personalized advice provided both upon the subscription and upon the reception of the payments, and the specialized staff that it has, always giving the best service to analyze the clients’ needs and to offer the most suitable option.


External transfers and extraordinary contributions


Unicaja Banco, in its new campaign promotes the transfer of pension funds from other financial institutions, setting a minimum limit of €6,000 and being 31 December 2018 the latest day to apply for the transfer, which must be received by 31 January 2018. It has established a series of cash bonuses, ranging between 2, 3 and 4% on the funds transferred.


In particular, the bonuses, which depend on the permanence commitment, will be of 2% of the transferred amount for a three year period, and of 3% for five years of permanence and 4% for seven years of permanence. During this time, the client commits to maintain his/her position in plans sold by Unicaja Banco and not to cash them as capital (cash in the form of regular income is permitted).


With this new pension plan campaign, Unicaja Banco also promotes extraordinary contributions made at the end of the year, in particular for contributions from €2,500 to 8,000. Depending on the amount of the contribution, electronic, sporting or home gifts can be received.


Main pension plans


The current interest rate scenario makes most Fixed Income plans to have, in general, negative or near zero returns. The situation is different for Mixed plans recommended for savers with a moderate risk profile and where Unicaja Banco shows an outstanding yield in the medium term (five years), according to the data of the Asociación de Instituciones de Inversión Colectiva y Fondos de Pensiones (Inverco) as of the end of September 2018.


Within the category of Mixed plans at five years, Uniplan IV and Futurespaña rank in the 14th and 25th position respectively, doubling the average annual return of the category (1.35%), with 3.35% and 2.88%.


Within the category Mixed Variable Income, the following must be highlighted: Uniplan III and Futurespaña 30, ranking 16th and 9th of 190 plans, with 5.27% and 5.87% returns respectively.


Unicaja Banco also outstands in Variable Income, where all of them rank in the first quartile. Uniplan Global and Futurespaña RV are in the 39th and 24th position of a sample of 180 plans, with yields at five years of 7.78% and 8.32% respectively, overcoming the average return of their category: 7.36%.

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