Edufinet Project celebrates for the second year its 'Seniors’ Day' initiative with a focus on cybersecurity and sustainable finance

This year, some fifty senior citizens from Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo (Córdoba) have benefited from this practical training day

28 JUN 2024

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The Edufinet Project, promoted by Unicaja and Fundación Unicaja, has celebrated for the second year the 'Edufinet Seniors' Day', a financial education initiative, specifically aimed at this demographic, with the aim of promoting their financial and digital inclusion.


This year, some fifty people of more than 65 years of age from Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo (Córdoba) have benefited from this practical training day, coordinated by the local Punto Vuela Guadalinfo. During the session, the participants able to acquire basic notions on sustainable finance and cybersecurity, with the help of the Edufinet team and agents of the section of Citizen Participation of the National Police.


The aim of this activity, which has been developed in Edufinet's Financial Education Center in Malaga, is to teach to this demographic the necessary skills to enable them to manage their finances with greater autonomy, improve their skills in the handling of digital banking in its various media, as well as to help them to prevent and detect possible fraud and cyber risks in different channels and contexts, as well as in online operations. The celebration of the 'Edufinet Seniors’ Day' has had the support of Funcas Educa and the collaboration of the Puntos Vuela Guadalinfo of the Junta de Andalucía.


Senior citizens are one of the main target groups of the Edufinet Project, as evidenced by the development over time of various specific training activities for them (face-to-face and online). In this way, the aim is to improve their financial literacy to ensure that they make the right decisions in the areas of economy and finance, as well as favoring their technological transition, thus helping to reduce the digital divide.


Specifically, those attending this second edition of the 'Senior's Day' have learned from the Edufinet team about issues that are quite useful in their daily lives, such as basic concepts on cybersecurity and sustainable finance. In this sense, through a practical and playful exercise, they have been provided with information of interest to help them navigate safely on the Internet and identify possible fraud and cyber risks in various contexts, especially when performing certain financial operations and online transactions.


Another topic addressed is sustainability and from the perspective of its relationship with the world of finance. In this context, in addition to acquiring general concepts on this subject, the participants have been able to learn about the main sustainable products and services currently offered by the financial market, as well as to analyze their advantages and opportunities.


On the other hand, agents of the National Police have also participated in this event. They used their intervention to provide the attendees with guidelines on security and cybersecurity, as well as tips and practical examples, with special attention to the prevention and detection of fraud and potential risks in different scenarios and in the digital banking environment (mobile applications and websites) and ATMs.


At the same time, Edufinet carries out other financial and digital training actions aimed at this demographic, including the Financial Education Workshops for Senior Citizens, as well as the "Ambassadors Project", which operates in rural areas. The "Ambassadors Project" offers its beneficiaries the opportunity to become Edufinet "ambassadors", acting as a liaison channel with senior citizens in rural municipalities. In this way, they can learn first-hand about their concerns and needs, thus facilitating the adaptation of the training provided by Edufinet. 


Edufinet Project


The Edufinet Project has been promoting financial education activities for almost two decades, making it one of the pioneering financial education programs in Spain.


It currently has the collaboration of 17 universities and ten business entities and organizations, with the aim of increasing the economic and financial skills and knowledge of citizens in general. This is achieved through several lines of action: courses and seminars (in person and online), publications, as well as several Internet portals with practical and educational information on the financial world, organized at (Edufinext, Edufiemp, Edufitech, Edufiblog, Edufisport, Edufiagro and Edufiacademics).


In addition to this, Edufinet also carries out educational and informative work through its social media channels (YouTube, X, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tik Tok), and podcast platforms (iVoox and Spotify) with adapted formats.


Since it was launched, almost 260,000 people have participated in person in the various seminars, workshops, courses and conferences it has organized. Its websites have accumulated more than 20 million visits to date, with access from almost 180 countries.

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