Unicaja Banco will enable fee-free transfers to Ukraine and Moldova

It joins other institutions which, on a temporary and voluntary basis, show their support to those affected by the invasion

24 MAR 2022

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Unicaja Banco, with the aim of contributing to respond to the humanitarian crisis that the Ukrainian people are experiencing, will enable fee-free transfers to Ukraine and Moldova. It has also launched a donation campaign among its customers and employees through Save the Children, UNHCR and Unicef.


More specifically, the bank has cancelled the fees for the service of transfers to accounts in Ukraine and Moldova, made from branches or via digital banking (web and app).


Additionally, Unicaja Banco has offered its assistance to Save the Children, UNHRC (Acnur) and Unicef to collaborate and support the Ukranian people affected after Russia’s invasion.


Thus, donations can be made, with no fees, through the accounts that these organizations have at Unicaja Banco: ES64 2103 1054 5200 3001 4282 (Save the Children), ES75 2103 0722 8000 3004 5608 (UNHCR - Acnur) and ES96 2103 0146 9400 3003 6581 (Unicef).


In the case of Save the Children and UNHCR, donations can also be made via Bizum, the code for the former being 05058 and, for UNHCR, 05150.


Basic Payment Account


Additionally, with the goal of providing support to the citizens arriving in Spain after being forced to flee Ukraine, Unicaja Banco wants to facilitate access to bank accounts for free. In this line, people at risk of vulnerability and social exclusion have at their disposal the Basic Payment Account.

To have access to this account, in addition to meeting the legal requirements set in the applicable regulations, applicants will have to show the receipt of application for temporary protection for displaced people.


Likewise, the bank facilitates access to different financial services, simplifying the documents required. In particular, Ukraine nationals will be able to prove identity and activity with the white and red cards given by the Government.


Unicaja Banco, within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) joins the institutions which, voluntarily and as a measure to support those affected by the invasion of Ukraine, want to facilitate assistance.



Save the Children’s priority in this war is to protect the affected children.

Urgent support is needed to:

  • Distribute basic items: winter protection kits, COVID-19 personal protection equipment, hygiene and period kits, non-food items.
  • Offer mental health support.
  • Provide cash to meet basic needs, such as food and medicines.
  • Protect children: prevention of family separation and creation of save spaces.
  • Provide access to education





UNHCR, UN Refugee Agency, offers humanitarian assistance in the displacement of people fleeing from Ukraine or internally displaced, and works to ensure that they have the right to seek asylum and to find a safe refuge, designing plans for potential massive arrivals and seeking the protection, inclusion and dignity of refugees, stateless people and internally displaced, to support long-term solutions. Twelve million people in Ukraine might be in need of humanitarian assistance if the military offensive continues.





Unicef has developed a modular and scalable contingency plan, aligned with interinstitutional scenarios, and reflecting Unicef’s Core Commitment for Children (CCC).


The goal is to reinforce and expand Unicef’s humanitarian response through key partners in Eastern Ukraine, and to extend the preparation and response to emergencies throughout the country. It will also help to give access to essential services to those forced to leave their homes and are fleeing. Additionally, it continues to work with its 15 partners in the country, including civil society organizations and international NGOs to ensure access to children and families in need:


·         100 euros could help provide two first-aid kits, with essential medicines and the equipment needed to treat minor injuries.

·         80 euros could help provide drinking water to 210 children for one month in an emergency situation like this one.

·         50 euros could help provide drinking water to 131 children for one month in an emergency situation like this one.




How to make a donation via Bizum or Transfer?


  1. Access Bizum from your app.
  2. Click on ‘Donate to NGO’ (‘Donar a ONG’).
  3. Select Save the Children or Acnur (UNHCR), and insert the corresponding code. Alternatively, you can directly insert the donation code.
  4. Enter the amount that you want to donate.
  5. Check the donation details and confirm the transaction.


  1. Click on ‘Transfers’ (‘Transferencias’).
  2. Choose the option ‘Donations’ (‘Donaciones’). Choose the option ‘NGO (national)’ -‘ONG (a nivel nacional’)- and, then, Save the Children, Acnur (UNHCR) or Unicef.
  3. Choose the account from which you want to make the donation.
  4. Enter the donation amount. Confirm the transaction.



Cybercriminals increase their activity and cyberscams during war conflicts, thus pay attention to any information that you received by SMS, e-mail or instant messaging (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.):



·         Check the sender and check that it is known by you.

·         Beware if you are required to enter your access details or credentials, account numbers or bank cards or if you are required to download a file or an app.

·         Check the links to the attached websites, and visit the official source to confirm or verify what you are being offered. If it is legitimate information, it should also be on the official sources.

·         Check the writing and reject any message with spelling mistakes or that seems to have been automatically translated or that sounds unnatural in Spanish. 

  • Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

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