Unicaja brings forward again the payment of pensions and unemployment benefits

Unicaja Banco brings forward again the payment of pensions and unemployment benefits. The aim of the bank is to contribute to reduce the effects of the coronavirus crisis on those in a situation of vulnerability

16 APR 2020

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As it did in March, Unicaja Banco facilitates again the payment of the Social Security pensions to its retired customers and will bring it forward to 21 April, with a view to protect the health of the elderly, as they are a risk group in the situation of global pandemic caused by the coronavirus.


Additionally, as it did with the previous payment, Unicaja Banco will bring forward to 4 May the payment of unemployment benefits to those customers who receive their unemployment benefits directly into their account. The bank intends to reduce the social and economic impact that this crisis is having on the most vulnerable.


Pensions will be available to be collected from 21 April at ATMs, and also at branches, although the bank is contacting pensioners again to inform them of the different options that they have –network of ATMs, card payment or use of digital channels- and to offer them a better service through the arrangement of appointments to be attended at branches, if they do not withdraw their pension at the ATM, to provide a gradual service and to protect the most vulnerable customers, following the healthcare and official recommendations and preventing them from taking unnecessary risks.


The goal is to allow pensioners avoid any non-essential travel, following the guidelines issued by the authorities, and to avoid unnecessary stay at branches.


Unicaja Banco offers pensioners several options to collect their pension. For instance, ATM is an option which allows the withdrawal of the pension at any time and without accessing the branch. Additionally, card payment is especially recommended now, as it reduces the probabilities of contagion.


Flexible measures


The new advance payment of pensions and unemployment benefits by Unicaja Banco joins a set of measures that the bank has been implementing since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis to support its customers and to ensure safety of clients and employees.


The bank continues with its financial activity through its different channels, as an essential service to the community in the current state of alarm, and it focuses its efforts on flexible payment and funding solutions for its customers, especially for those in a situation of vulnerability, under the priority of ensuring service and protecting the health of customers and employees.


Unicaja Banco is promoting and recommending, in line with the healthcare provisions, the use of electronic resources and channels such as ATMs, digital banking (web and app) or card payments, as well as customer service over the phone and through its social media profiles. The bank has activated a prevention and action plan, as well as a permanent follow-up committee, in compliance with the recommendations made by the authorities.

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