Unicaja Banco offers advantegous conditions to the members of the Official Association of Optometrist Opticians of Castilla y León

The opticians and optometrists of the region will have credit facilities to cover working capital needs or to invest in their business

28 FEB 2020

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Unicaja Banco and the Official Association of Optometrist Opticians of Castilla y León have renewed their collaboration agreement, giving continuity to a link maintained during nine years. The bank reinforces its support to this sector, which contributes to create employment and wealth in the region. The agreement has been entered into by Manuel Rubio, Regional Manager of Unicaja Banco, and by Inmaculada Aparicio, President of the Official Association of the Optometrist Opticians of the region.


This agreement gives continuity to the long-standing link with this association that has 835 members, which will benefit from a range of financial products especially designed to meet their needs, under preferential conditions. In its pursuit to adapt to the needs of each professional, Unicaja Banco has created a specific range of products for the self-employed and for employees.


Entrepreneur optometrist opticians reach 75% of the members of the association. They will have credit facilities available to cover their working capital needs or to invest in their businesses. In this sense, the featured products include a credit account with advantages for the installation and use of PoS terminals, first company loan, personal or mortgage backed loans and renting and leasing. Also, the agreement entered into with the Official Credit Institute (ICO, Insituto de Crédito Oficial) and with Iberaval puts additional options at the disposal of the beneficiaries. Unicaja Banco is the leading financial institution by participation share and formalization of transactions in collaboration with the mentioned society of mutual guarantees.


The members of this association which are not self-employed but employees will have available a range of consumer and motor loans, as well as mortgages and insurances and pension plans.


All the association members will be offered a special current account with no maintenance and management fees, cheque settlement or issuance fee or payroll issuance fees, as well as the services of digital banking and a wide range of cards (which allow mobile payments).

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