The CSR of the Unicaja Banco Group and its sustainability policy are based on a set of principles and actions that have contribution to economic and social development within its scope of action as an objective, with full respect for the environment, considering the needs and expectations of the different interest groups with which it wishes to maintain a constant flow of communication by enabling the appropriate channels, to which a reference shall be made further on.


Promotion of these purposes, criteria and conduct, within their own organisation and in in society, is part of an economically efficient management, that is ideal to generate profit, within the framework of sustainable development that accompanies social progress and protection of the environment. In fulfilment of its Mission, the Company has satisfying the needs of its clients and investors and preserving the good image and reputation of the entity, in the ample sense, as its permanent objectives.


Unicaja Banco and the other companies through which it performs its financial activity aim to consolidate themselves as reference entities in their respective scopes of action, deploying an ample, diverse offer of quality financial products and services, providing a highly professionalised, qualified service, that is appropriate for the demands and requisites of the different client segments, attending to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), from the point of view of efficient entrepreneurial management, obtaining profit and harmonising all this with the purposes of the different interest groups. 


Fulfilment of the Group’s Mission is performed by abiding by a set of Values, among which there are:

  1. Caution, solvency and stability in managing the resources entrusted by the clientele and investors.
  2. Transparency, ethical commitment and corporate responsibility.
  3. Entrepreneurial efficiency and constant improvement of the company’s management model.
  4. Provision of quality services.
  5. The bid for training, research and innovation as a basis for sustainability at the time of social and economic development.
  6. Respect for the environment, with particular attention to climate change.
  7. Satisfying the needs of all reference interest groups.
  8. For employees to be proud to belong to the Group and its project, and equal treatment, under identical circumstances, for men and women.
  9. Connection with the territory and socio-economic development of the geographic areas of action, especially those with greater implementation.

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